How we engage with your team

Onboarding and migrating to HQ is a tried and true process, and we are committed to seeing your company hit the ground running.


  1. Perform gap analysis to compare HQ's actual abilities and your desired needs.
  2. Find problems or challenges that you didn't realize existed.
  3. Determine how to customize HQ – focusing on the benefits and solutions that are the most relevant and most important.
  4. Identify the decision makers, who’s involved, what their roles are, what each of their needs, issues, and priorities are.
  5. Understand what each manager involved in the decision expects and how we might meet their expectations.


  1. We will work together as a team to define your onboarding project from start to finish.
  2. Clear communication methods will be established so project management is targeted to how you wish to receive and process information.
  3. At all times there will be clear milestones, due dates, and responsibilities.
  4. Weekly status meetings keep a open line of communication to discuss new ideas and address ongoing questions.


  1. HQ is extremely customizable. We will work together to configure it exactly how you want.
  2. Maximize your efficiencies with a system built how you want it—there are so many possibilities.
  3. To ensure we are a great fit, any gaps found during discovery will be implemented by our programming team.
  4. Unleash new possibilities, and discover HQ's most personal service.


  1. We have a robust set of tools and established best practices for migrating data from your current system to HQ.
  2. Our data migratons are all handcrafted, which allows us to have flexibility to solve any migration challenge.
  3. You are provided with a test site to see a preview of your data in HQ to mitigate launch risks.
  4. We do not launch until you approve the data has been converted properly.


  1. With HQUniversity you control the learning by working on the skills you choose with interactive online courses.
  2. Key people in your organization received advanced training prior to launch via webinars.
  3. When our team is onsite for launch, you will learn industry Best Practices from Coaching, Shadowing, Group and One-on-One training.
  4. Continue your education after go live with Sales, Marketing, Case Management, Licensing, Contracting, Commissions, Reporting, and even more free online classes at HQUniversity.

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